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Gilbert Lake State Park Hike – Tuesday, Dec 13, 2016

Report by Currie Marr - Twenty-four adventurers participated in the traditional “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” hike at Gilbert Lake. On the western side of the lake we paused to observe and re-decorate the scraggly spruce discovered 5 years ago (12/20/11). Now the specimen is larger and more robust, but as noted by someone, the mature tree will never ever grace Rockefeller Center. Onwards we trudge through 6” of snow into the lower cabin area and back to finish going around the lake. Not far from the beach the carved wooden bear was located. Ruth Schaeffer took pity on the shivering bear by brushing off the snow and warming it with a knitted scarf. Back at the parking lot people commented on the invigorating excursion and old-timers reminisced about memorable hikes with Susquehanna Chapter founder, Jo Koenig. Photos by Fred Johnson. Click on photos to enlarge.