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Basswood Pond State Forest

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 10

BASSWOOD STATE PARK hike led by Monica & Irv Peters - Leaders did the trip yesterday. It is DEFINITELY a snowshoe for about 2 ½ miles. We have broken the trail so it should be ok with ups and downs and very pretty. Be prepared to exert some effort though. Call Peters 315 858-0261 with any questions. TO ELIMINATE CONFUSION ABOUT DIRECTIONS TO BASSWOOD, LEADERS WILL MEET THOSE TRAVELING ST. ROUTE 205 ... AT THE INTERSECTION OF STATE ROUTE 205 AND ROUTE 80. AT 9:45; rather that at the parking area for Basswood St Park – AND also meet those coming from Cooperstown, etc. traveling Route 28 to Route 80 West as well at the same intersection. Maps on the “Otsego Walks & Paddles” booklet show the area on pages 14 and 15, as well as the Otsego County Highway Map. Clarification call leaders. PLEASE BE ON TIME AS WE WILL HAVE TO PARK ALONGSIDE ROUTE 205 AND SHOULDN’T LINGER THERE DUE TO THE SNOWBANKS, ETC. Those coming from Oneonta (depart at least by 9:15 a.m.)