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Clark Tower Trails – Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Report by Liza Mundy - What a lovely day for a hike. Twenty-two participants hiked the Clark Tower trails. To start, a 1/2 mile hike around the field to get a great view of Otsego Lake, and then up to the tower. There is little written history on this structure, built by Ambrose Clark, but a lot of interesting gossip. There is a stone dated 1928, which is assumed to be the year it was erected. Two monuments indicate the resting place of his horse and canine. We continued for another 1/2 mile, many of us cutting through the old polo fields while others descended a steep hill. After a snack break, a few headed back to have an early lunch. The remaining 18 went on a windy trail through the woods. Large piles of pinecone debris amazed us on how busy the squirrels were. A heron flew overhead and landed in a tall pine tree above us. Unfortunately, except for Trout Lily leaves, spring wild flowers were not seen. Overall the 3 mile hike ended in an enjoyable time at nearby Origins/Carefree Garden Café for a delicious lunch. Photos by Fred Johnson Click photos twice for maximum enlargement.