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Mud Lake Hike – May 7, 2019

Report by Aleda Koehn - Twenty happy hikers turned out for the Mud Lake hike, thankful that the weather was holding and the promised rain had yet to arrive. As always, two steep pitches and then a gradual up uphill. After all the recent rain there were wet places and the brook crossing was a bit more challenging than usual. Eventually all made it to the other side by various routes and we continued our walk. We were looking for wildflowers all along the way but there were only a few Wild Oats (Bellworts) and several places with the white sepals of Goldthread blooming above the shiny green three-part leaves. Where had all the flowers gone? Looking up dates of past hikes in the area I saw that most were a week or two later but at that time there we found both early and late spring flowers. Maybe the cold and wet weather had delayed blooms. We reached the junction and took the side trail to the bog. The water was higher than usual and we bounced and sank on the sphagnum mat. The Leather- leaf was in bloom all around the edges of the bog and there were a few pink flower buds of Bog Laurel. We saw Pitcher-plant leaves but no Sundew. After a quick lunch we headed back. Part way down someone sighted a lone Painted Trillium just off the trail. Such a lovely flower just waiting to be admired, the trillium topped off our very good hike. Photos by Aleda Koehn Click on photos to enlarge.