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Gilbert Lake St. Park

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - 10

Hike will be at Gilbert Lake St. Park. We will do the trail that makes a loop around Ice Pond and Twin Fawns and return past the Cabins.
I will meet you at the South end parking lot at 10 AM.
If you want to car pool, meet at the old Ames west end parking lot ready to leave at 9:40.
Bring a snack or water if you want.
As of Sunday - trails have 3-4 inches of snow but packed to 1 inch or so with foot prints and ski trails. (Deeper in woods)
Boots would be fine, could use snow shoes if you want but not necessary. I suggest hiking poles.
As of Sunday it was very ski-able although not deep, with fresh tracks of today's skiers.
Bit thin under evergreens, and somewhat lumpy in places.
Tuesday ski conditions may be different with temps going up and the possibility of some rain.
Would bring ski wax if planning to ski. Questions: Call Aleda Koehn (607) 267-4586