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The Susquehanna Chapter meets once a month on the third Wednesday in the evening. Most meetings are held at the Elm Park United Methodist Church rooms at 401 Chestnut Street in Oneonta starting at 6 P.M.with a covered dish supper. For those not attending the supper, the program starts at 7 P.M. And it is followed by the business meeting. All interested persons may attend a meeting, both members and non-members. Your executive committee, wishing to reduce our carbon footprint, encourages members from outside Oneonta to carpool to meetings and activities.


Hello Chapter members,
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, all future weekly hikes sponsored by the Susquehanna Chapter of ADK are suspended until further notice. Walks and hikes will not be sponsored, advertised or promoted by the chapter.
All meetings are cancelled until further notice. Our speakers have been made aware of the cancellations.
Membership will be notified when sponsored weekly hikes and our Wednesday evening meetings will resume. We will need patience and hope during these trying times. Keep safe and be well.
Aleda Koehn & Bob Ciganek

Mar 18 - Sarah Coney will present a program that considers how dams across the Susquehanna River currently prevent American eels from returning to this watershed. The loss of American eels has resulted in other impacts to our local ecosystems, including decrease in the riverine pearly mussel - Easter Elliptio - and the increase of the invasive rusty crayfish - Faxionus rusticus. Rusty Crayfish densities have apparent negative consequences to the yellow lamp mussel - Lampsilis cariosa, a species of greatest conservation need.