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Outings Schedule


All area codes are 607 unless otherwise noted.

Please call trip leaders for hike details and to car pool. Riders should contribute a fair share toward gas.

Each trip leader must have all participants sign the liability release form which may be downloaded from our website:

Please Note: The outings listed below were current when the July 2017, Foot_Loose! Newsletter was issued. Consult the calendar for subsequent changes, additions and details of "To-Be-Announced" (TBA) outings.


Ratings are subjective and chosen by the leader. If you are uncertain that you are up to the hike, consult the leader. Tuesday outings are walks.

Class A – Difficult: More than 1500’ climb or more than 8 miles distance. More than 35 miles on the bike.

Class B – Moderate: Less than 1500’ climb and 6 to 8 miles total distance. 10-30 miles on bike.

Class C – Easy: Well-graded trails and less than 6 miles total distance. 10 miles or less by bike, suitable for beginners.

Walk: Less than 4 miles total distance, suitable for children.

TO LEAD A HIKE: Contact Linda Pearce, 607-432-8969, lpearce42 (at) OR Julie Smith, 607-432-8642, smithj3 (at) Trip leaders must have all participants sign a liability release form, which may be downloaded from our website: If you have any questions regarding a hike, including CANCELLATION: 1) CONTACT THE TRIP LEADER 2) Check the website 3) Check email messages.

Jul 25, South Hill Hike - Our 10:00 hike for July 25 is at South Hill State Forest, Delaware County. Location is on South Hill State Forest Public Access Road Extension about .25 miles east of the intersection with Turner Hill Rd off Charlotte Creek Road. Hike will be about 2.5 to 3 miles of level wooded walk along well maintained forest road. For carpooling, meet at Price Chopper 9:15, leaving at 9:30. Driving distance is about 12 miles from Price Chopper on the Charlotte Creek Rd. Call Bob or Julie at 432-8642 with questions.

Aug 1 - Kathy Carey 746-7616 Ridge Road, Delhi

Aug 8 - Betsy Cunningham 437-3758 Bramley Mtn, Delhi

Aug 15 - Currie & Virginia Marr 432-5434 Wilber Park, Oneonta

Aug 16 - Picnic at Fortin Park Pavilion, 101 Youngs Rd., Oneonta. Come any time. Bring table service and a dish to pass. Any questions, contact Currie and Virginia Marr, 432-5434

Aug 22 - Rod & Sally Hebbard 829-5811 Franklin Mountain

Aug 29 - Fred Johnson 783-2567 Gilbertsville (new trail)

Sep 5 - Roberta Austin 865-6540 Andes Rail Trail

Sep 12 - Maureen Willis 286-9821 Lower Riddell State Park

Sep 19 - Linda Pearce 432-8969 Betty & Wilbur Davis State Park

Sep 20 - Harry Barnes will present a slide show, on Big Bend National Park. While projecting magnificent images of the region, through stories, poems, and reflections, he will share his adventures in Big Bend National Park over a three year period in the early 2000's. Topics will include camping, hiking, canoeing, paleo and recent history, back-county roads, and colorful local communities adjacent to the park in this one-of-a-kind magic desert wonderland."

Sep 26 - Ruth Schaeffer 988-7036 Valley View Trails, Unadilla

Oct 18 - Moira Beach will present “Australia - A Trip Down Under”. In July 2016 Moira and her sisters spent three weeks in Australia. Come travel with us via video and audio on a trip-of-a-lifetime. See emus, kangaroos, koalas, dingos, platypus, Tazmanian devils, and lots of birds."

Nov 15 - Arlana Young - Hiking the Camino De Santiago in Spain

Your executive committee, wishing to reduce our carbon footprint, encourages members from outside Oneonta to carpool to meetings and activities.