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Outings Schedule


All area codes are 607 unless otherwise noted.

Please call trip leaders for hike details and to car pool. Riders should contribute a fair share toward gas.

Each trip leader must have all participants sign the liability release form which may be downloaded from our website:

Please Note: The outings listed below were current when the October 2014, Foot_Loose! Newsletter was issued. Consult the calendar for subsequent changes, additions and details of "To-Be-Announced" (TBA) outings.


Ratings are subjective and chosen by the leader. If you are uncertain that you are up to the hike, consult the leader. Tuesday outings are walks.

Class A – Difficult: More than 1500’ climb or more than 8 miles distance. More than 35 miles on the bike.

Class B – Moderate: Less than 1500’ climb and 6 to 8 miles total distance. 10-30 miles on bike.

Class C – Easy: Well-graded trails and less than 6 miles total distance. 10 miles or less by bike, suitable for beginners.

Walk: Less than 4 miles total distance, suitable for children.

TO LEAD A HIKE: Contact Linda Pearce, 607-432-8969, lpearce42 (at) OR Julie Smith, 607-432-8642, smithj3 (at) Trip leaders must have all participants sign a liability release form, which may be downloaded from our website: If you have any questions regarding a hike, including CANCELLATION: 1) CONTACT THE TRIP LEADER 2) Check the website 3) Check email messages.

MAY 23, Columbia Rail Trail - Leaders will meet the group at Price Chopper in Richfield Springs on the 23rd at 9:30 a.m. We will condense the group as much as possible there and proceed to start the hike at the old Creamery in the Town of Columbia. The hike will be four miles beautiful easy walking. Any not wanting to walk that far can turn back at any time. There are a couple bridges to cross over streams on old railroad ties. They are safe but require attention to foot placement. Ticks may be present so dress accordingly. Hiking sticks if you prefer. The owner of the property, Ben Gottfried, will be present to give some historical background of the former Lackawanna Railroad which was constructed in 1868 providing passenger and freight service to Utica until about 1988. Plan to bring lunch for the post stop at the Peters’ home for dessert and drinks. Irv and Monica Peters, (315) 858-0261.

MAY 30 - Virginia and Currie Marr, 432-5434, Wilber Park hike

JUN 6 - Aleda Koehn, 267-4586, Mud Lake Hike

JUN 13 - Maureen Willis, 286-9821, Hike Crumhorn area

JUN 20 - Roberta Austin, 865-6540, Hike Horse Trail - Delhi

JUN 21, Gilbert Lake State Park Annual Picnic at the first pavilion - Bring a dish to share and your own place setting. You may come to the park anytime, but we will begin to eat at 6 p.m. If you are over 62, even if you are in a car of youngsters, and you are not the driver, your driver's license is your free passport into the park. Otherwise, $7 per car entrance fee.

JUN 27 - Linda Pearce, 432-8969, Hike Goodyear Lake area

Your executive committee, wishing to reduce our carbon footprint, encourages members from outside Oneonta to carpool to meetings and activities.