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Peg Odell is now adding us to Otsego Outdoors as long as I get the hike info. to her in a timely manner. Here's the listing: - Moira

June 2019 Board of Directors Meeting - I attended the June Board of Directors Meeting at ADK Headquarters in Lake George last Saturday. Following are the highlights. I will keep the more detailed handouts should anyone wish more detail.

4b&c Unaudited financials for April and May: We are 8% over budget but this is expected since this time of year involves increased expenditures to prepare for the busy summer and fall seasons.

4g Executive Director search: the Job Description was changed to eliminate the requirement of being an attorney. There are several promising candidates. The hope is to have one selected for approval by the BOD at the September board meeting.

4e Proposal to hire a Planning Consultant to address ADK's Strategic Plan (attaining goals, dealing with ADK growth problems and especially: increasing revenue). This would cost $50,000 for a five year plan. Since there is only $57K in the Grow ADK fund and the guidance is, I feel, our job as Board of Directors, I was one of two people voting 'No'. The motion obviously passed.

6a. President John Gilewicz addressed a problem with friction between Staff and Volunteers. Patience and courtesy were lacking causing volunteers to quit.

6b. Conservation and Advocacy: NYS passed a record number of laws making us the Nation's leading state battling climate change. The governor has declared we will be a carbon-free energy producer by 2040.

6c. Operations: High Peaks Information Center (HPIC) will have fiber optic service by the end of July. The shuttle to Johns Brook Lodge will be running 7 days/week within a month. The Hungry Hiker concession stand is open and bringing in revenue as well as a meeting place for the public.
6d. Membership Report: We are not moving to the new data base system as mentioned last quarter due to its' inability to meet our needs. SLACK forums are on hold until fall/winter. Recruitment plans for NYC failed and have been tabled for now. Pursuing signage at the HPIC parking lot (which has over 20K visitors a year) to join ADK. 'New Members by Year' show a slow steady decline from 2800 in 2015 to 2400 in 2018.

6e Online Auction requesting Chapter Baskets with an area theme donated. If we do this, please contact Sandy Conine by the end of September.

7a Investments are doing well with the usual market concerns. - Al Martel, Susquehanna Chapter Director

June 18 TRAILS - As I announced previously, I did the trail maintenance on the Wilson Pond Trail near Blue Mountain in the Adirondacks last month. I decided on a Saturday in hopes more Chapter members would be able to assist. Usually, we have 3 or 4 members working on the 3 mile section of the trail we adopted many years ago. This time, no one else could make it, which prompts the question: do we as a Chapter still wish to maintain a trail requiring a 6 hour round trip when we have several trails in our immediate area needing work?
I feel that the entire Chapter should have the opportunity for input so please give it some thought and let me know your wishes. With over 200 members, we have potential to have a significant impact on a trail system if more people can participate. Thanks, Al Martel

May 11 - It's time to do the 'spring cleaning' on Wilson Pond Trail. I've selected this Saturday, May 11. I usually try to thread the needle between waiting for the snow to be all melted and blackfly season. The monsoons have ensured the snow is gone and Saturday is in the low 50's in the Adirondacks. It's even predicted to be rain-free!
If you can attend, please notify me by email ( or phone at (607) 588-6945 so I'll know if I need to wait at the trailhead. The trailhead is located on the south side of NY Rt 28, 3 miles west of Blue Mt. Lake hamlet. It's on the right if you're coming north from the Oneonta area. I'll have several tools but feel free to bring loppers if you have them. Good waterproof boots will definitely be needed.
Let's meet at 10 a.m. at the trailhead. We are usually done and back at the trailhead by 3 p.m. Wilson Pond leanto and bug repellent in the event that blackflies are present and friendly.
Al Martel, Trails Committee

March 2019 Board of Directors Meeting - I attended the Board of Directors Meeting at ADK headquarters in Lake George last Saturday. Below are the highlights. As always, I have the detailed handouts if anyone wishes more detail. Our main concern, and my primary responsibility other than representing the Chapter is fiduciary. I am charged with remaining conscious through all the financial updates and presentations if not understanding them in detail.

Our chief concern was understanding the downturn in our financial situation in 2018 and its' implications to date. This was explained as a result of the severe dip in the market in 2018. Also, membership has been declining. Our Investments value decreased by $180,000. Property and Equipment spending increased by $900,000. This was due to the construction and improvements to the High Peaks Information Center (HPIC). Revenues (all sources) decreased by $184,000. Cash flow (Operations) increased by $280,000, again due to the HPIC construction. While all this seems gloomy, it was listed as a needed one time expense to improve ADK's ability to capitalize on the increase in public demand and improve our educational abilities. The Treasurer said that negative variances were not of concern since they were due to moving money around and that no adjustments were needed. Investments recovered last year's losses and a little more.

The search for a new Executive Director hit a stumbling block in negotiations with the primary candidate. The search continues.

There will be a change in ADK's data base in April. It will enable significant improvements but expect some glltches.

Closing on a good note: changes in our insurance will now cover us for ROCK CLIMBING! Anyone wishing to schedule an excursion to climb the cllffs at Chapel Pond or the Shawungunks can now do so!! - Al Martel, Susquehanna Chapter Director

Few Guidelines/Reminders for Trip Leaders for Susquehanna Chapter
1. No more than six days prior to the outing, send information to both Moira Beach at who will forward it to those on the email list, and to Currie Marr at who will put the info on the website calendar. Information should include location, approximate distance and difficulty, meeting time and/or carpooling info, as well as your name and phone number.
2. If a trip has to be cancelled, notify Moira and Currie by e-mail as soon as possible. Also, you can call Currie (432-5434), Julie (432-8642) or Linda (432-8969).
3. When the Liability Release Form has been signed by all participants, turn it in to Julie Smith or Linda Pearce. The Form can be downloaded from the website www.
4. If you should be asked about bringing a dog on the outing, our chapter’s policy is not to allow dogs. An exception would be if a leader is on their own property, and chooses to have their own dog along, and the dog does not pose a problem for the hikers in any way.
5. Following the outing, you may send a trip report to Currie ( who will post it on the website and it will later appear in Foot-Loose!.
6. If you have any further questions, contact Julie Smith (607-432-8642), or Linda Pearce (607-432-8969),

CHAPTER MEETINGS are held the third Wednesday of the month, September through May, at the Elm Park Methodist Church, 401 Chestnut Street, Oneonta (except where noted). Members and the public are invited to our early evening potluck supper at 6 p.m. (please bring a dish to pass, your own table service and mug or cup); programs begin at 7 p.m., followed by a short business meeting.

ADIRONDACK MOUNTAIN CLUB ANNUAL MEMBEERSHIP DUES are $50 for individuals and $60 for families (other membership levels are available, including seniors and students). Benefits of membership include:
• discounts on ADK merchandise
• discounts on ADK workshops and programs
• invitations to member only outings and extended trips
• reduced rates at ADK facilities: lodges, lean-tos, cabins, and 20% discount on ADK trail guides, canoe guides, maps, campgrounds
• books and calendars
• membership in one of ADK's 27 chapters throughout the Northeast
For more ADK information please go to or call 1 800 395 8080

A BETTER WAY TO RECEIVE “FOOT-LOOSE” If you’re reading a printed, black & white, version of Foot-Loose and have e-mail service, please contact the editor and request to be added to the e-mail recipient list. You’ll get “Foot-Loose” more quickly, see pictures in color, save the club postage, and save trees.