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CABIN FEVER WINTER FESTIVAL EVENT REPORT - On Sat. Jan. 27 , five Susquehanna Chap. ADKers participated at Gilbert Lake State Park in the 3rd Annual Cabin Fever Winter Fest sponsored by Oneonta Subaru. Fred Johnson brought our display board and we put out pamphlets. Al Martel had a display and demonstration on winter survival which he gave on the dock three times during the four hours from 11-3:00. Al’s amazing “cotton-ball fire starting Method” is so easy that at least three ADKers have said they have used the method successfully and have taught it to others. Sue Smith videoed his show for later showing and helped watch our display. Jeff Walshe added information on the Forest Fire Lookout Assoc. which lists five renovated towers in the Catskills. It turns out that he was the most faithful watcher of our display while the rest of us occasionally went off for walks, demonstrations or lunch breaks. We appreciated Julie and Bob’s arrival to cheer us on. See "Trip Reports" for photos by Sue Smith.

OCCA had a display table next to ours. They are working on revising “Walks and Paddles” and want our input if anyone would like to get together with them/us on that. They are applying for a grant so it will be a while.

Here is a list of all activities during the day:
11:30 - Guide Led Beginner Snowshoe Hike around the lake - Starts at Briggs Lodge - Led by Jeff from OCCA
1:00 - Guide Led Beginner Cross-Country Skiing - starts at Briggs Lodge
1:30 - Guide Led Beginner Snowshoe Hike around the lake - Starts at Briggs Lodge - Led by Jeff from OCCA
Snowshoe and Cross-Country Demos - Near Briggs Lodge
11-3 - Drinks and lunch items - TBA
11-3 - Self Guided Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing - There will be multiple trails open for self-guided snowshoeing & cross-country skiing
11-3 - Sledding - behind Briggs Lodge
11-3 - ADK informational sessions
11-3 - Animal Identification Information Table - Briggs Lodge
11-3 - Winter camping demo - outside Briggs Lodge
11-3 - Warm up by the Fire - Multiple fire locations. (Camp fire locations: inside Briggs Lodge, outside Briggs Lodge)
11-3 - Crafts for Kids - Located in Briggs Lodge

A good time was had by all....especially Ben Gunther of Subaru. We hope more of you can come next year. submitted by Lucille Wiggin and Sue Smith

Alaska Trip, June 13-27 - Please announce there is an Alaska trip (an informed holiday) in the works for June 13-27, 2018. My roster currently includes a local woman willing to share lodging and is looking for a roommate. Interested persons may contact me at 607-286-7541 or - Jay Fleisher

New Island Update - As you may recall, a few months ago the bridge that crosses Electric Lake was declared unsafe and was closed. A new trail has been completed and NEW ISLAND is accessible again! On a lovely sunny cool day, Julie, Lucille, and Aleda took a walk to see what had been done. The beginning route is the same, starting at Catella Park, crossing the I-88 ramps, and following the posted trails. You cross the field where the house burned down, curve to the left, continue on a bit until you see a big sign about 50 feet ahead - "Bridge Closed". At this point blue markings indicate the new trail to the left. The trail winds around Electric Lake bringing us through an opening in the old fence and a short stretch parallel to the highway beside a new chain link fence. From here we could peer through some trees and see the bridge that is no longer used. This section is very noisy as you would expect. The trail goes into the trees and onto an earthen embankment that once was the edge or shore of the lake. The pathway finally drops down through the woods until meeting the old rail-bed trail and the older trails. Several wooden bridges have been constructed over wet areas. It was obvious that lots of work has gone into re-routing the trail and caches of lumber mean that more bridges will be constructed. We encountered two mountain bikers and they were so happy that the area was open. We ruefully missed the nicer, old trail but agreed that at least we were able to hike to New Island again. Submitted by Aleda Koehn

Take Your Children/Grandchildren To The Adirondacks - At the end of July, I took two thirteen-year-old girls tent camping in the Adirondacks for five days. We took bicycles, kayaks, and hiking gear. It rained every day, so we had a lot of mud and pine needles in everything. Because the summer was quite rainy in the Adirondacks, there were a lot of mosquitoes and black flies. Yes, even at the end of July there were still a lot of blackflies. My granddaughter was bitten so badly that I had to go to a pharmacist to get some Benedryl to relieve the itch. On one of the trails, they found a pipe with spring water running out of it, so the next day they went back with empty gallon jugs and filled them. It was too cold and windy to go swimming in the lake, but we did enjoy some time in the hot tub. One day we went to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. In addition to the nature center with ducks, fish, otters, skunks, etc. in the building, they recently opened a new area that includes a boardwalk in the treetops. They have two suspension bridges, a spiral walk in the middle of a huge tree, a bird’s nest with room for about a dozen people, a spider web (trampoline), a swing chair and lots of interpretive demonstrations. They also have a walk through the woods with interpretive music playing. Check it out at During Labor Day weekend, my daughter and her husband went camping in their beautiful camper with four bunkbeds and a queen-size bed to Gilbert Lake. My grandchildren didn’t want to go, so I asked them why not since they enjoyed our rainy vacation in the Adirondacks. Their response was “because we had so much fun”. I guess there is something to be said for rain, pine needles, mosquitoes, and blackflies. Submitted by Moira Beach

Director's Report - As an alternate Director, I try to attend Board of Directors meetings that Al can't make; and each time, I come away impressed with the great variety of projects going on simultaneously throughout ADK. Directors receive a report from each area, such as Education (school and community outreach, interpretive programs, and skills workshops) or Heart Lake property management (maintains and operates the Loj property), to name but two. Meanwhile, the Club finances are capably overseen and managed, and a report is presented to keep members up-to-date. For example, it was reported that a rainy and cool summer resulted in reduced revenues from lodgings; parking revenues were down due to construction around HPIC and hikers parking off-site on the public roads; and even dues amounts were lower than budgeted, due to the complications of family and multi-year memberships. But there were also over-performing areas, such as donations and education, which brought in more than anticipated. And our investments in HPIC improvements are already showing up as increased revenue. We approved a resolution to authorize the use of certain ADK funds for constructing the concession stand with kitchen equipment, and here are the criteria that had to be met:
• it promotes the financial stability of the Club with a new revenue source;
• it promotes both growth and diversification of the membership base by providing a convenient attraction to recruit new members;
• it allows opportunities for staff and volunteers to interact with visitors;
• the project furthers the mission of ADK by improving the facilities and profitability of the Heart Lake property;
• it will generate a return on investment that can be measured in dollars.
I hope this provides a window into how efficiently this Club is run! Submitted by Linda Seifried, Alternate for Al Martel

Few Guidelines/Reminders for Trip Leaders for Susquehanna Chapter
1. No more than six days prior to the outing, send information to both Moira Beach at who will forward it to those on the email list, and to Currie Marr at who will put the info on the website calendar. Information should include location, approximate distance and difficulty, meeting time and/or carpooling info, as well as your name and phone number.
2. If a trip has to be cancelled, notify Moira and Currie by e-mail as soon as possible. Also, you can call Currie (432-5434), Julie (432-8642) or Linda (432-8969).
3. When the Liability Release Form has been signed by all participants, turn it in to Julie Smith or Linda Pearce. The Form can be downloaded from the website www.
4. If you should be asked about bringing a dog on the outing, our chapter’s policy is not to allow dogs. An exception would be if a leader is on their own property, and chooses to have their own dog along, and the dog does not pose a problem for the hikers in any way.
5. Following the outing, you may send a trip report to Currie ( who will post it on the website and it will later appear in Foot-Loose!.
6. If you have any further questions, contact Julie Smith (607-432-8642), or Linda Pearce (607-432-8969),

CHAPTER MEETINGS are held the third Wednesday of the month, September through May, at the Elm Park Methodist Church, 401 Chestnut Street, Oneonta (except where noted). Members and the public are invited to our early evening potluck supper at 6 p.m. (please bring a dish to pass, your own table service and mug or cup); programs begin at 7 p.m., followed by a short business meeting.

ADIRONDACK MOUNTAIN CLUB ANNUAL MEMBEERSHIP DUES are $50 for individuals and $60 for families (other membership levels are available, including seniors and students). Benefits of membership include:
• discounts on ADK merchandise
• discounts on ADK workshops and programs
• invitations to member only outings and extended trips
• reduced rates at ADK facilities: lodges, lean-tos, cabins, and 20% discount on ADK trail guides, canoe guides, maps, campgrounds
• books and calendars
• membership in one of ADK's 27 chapters throughout the Northeast
For more ADK information please go to or call 1 800 395 8080

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