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Lower Riddell State Park Hike – Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Report by Ruth Schaeffer - Twenty-four people showed up to hike on a very nice fall day at Lower Riddell State Park. The trees still had some color as we followed the trail along the creek. We noticed some animals had pulled corn stalks into the creek and we found a Wild Cucumber which interested us. A crossing for farm tractors was pointed out to us.


Hyde Hall & Sleeping Lion Hike - Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Report by Aleda Koehn - About 12 chapter members paid the $8 entrance fee and were treated to a tour of Hyde Hall. According to Brendon Gill of The New Yorker, "Hyde Hall is one of the two or three greatest houses in America." Since the last time I was in Hyde Hall so much has been restored and repaired.


Grand Gorge Rail-to-Trails Hike - Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Report by Frances Darrah - About 16 hikers and 1 cyclist traveled to Delaware County on a beautiful fall day to the “Rail-to-Trails” between Grand Gorge and Roxbury. We split up and walked from each end passing car keys when we met. The people receiving the keys drove the cars back to where they started. The level trail took about 1 ½ hours.


Thacher Park Hike - Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Report by Ruth Schaeffer - Tues., Sept. 22 was our hike to Thacher Park near Voorheesville, NY. It was overcast and there were a few sprinkles along the way, but the rest of the day was your typical fall day. We did meet another hiker in Schoharie near the covered bridge over the Schoharie Creek. After a short stop here we continued on and met two more hikers in the park.


Wilber Park, Stone Wall Trail – Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Report by Currie Marr - Despite a warm day, 16 hikers enjoyed walking a complex of trails starting from the upper level of Wilber Park in Oneonta. A map with trail information is located in a kiosk east of the Pavilion where the trail system begins. The destination for the group was to walk through the Stone Wall on the uppermost yellow trail.


Picnic at Crumhorn Lake - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Report by Lucille Wiggin - The August picnic was at also at Crumhorn Lake cottage due to extremely hot weather. Twenty people enjoyed the cooler temps at the higher elevation and water front, but only Joe used the boats. Many of us walked around the lake after supper.


Hike in Exeter, NY – Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Report by Pam Lea - Two dozen of us met on Tuesday, September 1st, for a 2-hour hike on Pam Lea's property in the township of Exeter. We had a lovely hike through woods, hayfields and cornfields, overlooking the Schuyler Lake valley and Canadarago Lake. A monarch butterfly caterpillar was spotted feeding on a milkweed. We cooled down with ice-cream at Jerry's place afterwards before the heat of the day set in.


Goodyear Lake Hike - Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Report by Linda Pearce - - On a beautiful morning, thirty hikers gathered at our house at Goodyear Lake. While three people walked on the lake roads, the rest of us took the 3+ mile hike to the Collier's Dam. Our walk took us along the railroad tracks to Silliman Cove Rd. and through the wooded trail to the dam.


Fetterley Forest Hike - Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Report by Linda Pearce - Our hike on Aug. 4, 2015 was on Otsego Land Trust property on the east side of Canadarago Lake known as Fetterley Forest. Sara Scheeren of the Land Trust led us on the trail and told us of the many facets of the functioning of the non-profit organization, as well as upcoming events.


Crumhorn Lake Picnic – Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Report by Lucille Wiggin - Due to illness at Seroka’s the July 15th picnic was at Crumhorn Lake and the Aug.19th picnic will be in Otego. The day was cool and unsettled so only nine of us came to the cottage. David Green provided the entertainment by arriving in his restored Corvette and later trying out our white water kayak. We opened a couple of bottles of wine and made it more of a party than a picnic by eating inside. We did walk around the lake to the Boy Scout Camp and back for our hike.



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