Hike from Fernleigh Farm to Star Field with Photos May 6th 2008

18 ADK members gathered at the Clark Sports Center on Tuesday, May 6 then proceeded to Fernleigh Farm on the East Side of Otsego Lake. The Clark Estates property overseer met them and told them a bit about the Fernleigh Farm area that they would be walking. The group then headed out on the tote road to VanYehres Road, and up the hill to the carriage trail eventually leading to Star Field. It was a beautiful day, lots of sunshine and mild temperature, which unfortunately brought out all of the black flies!!!!! But hearty souls that ADKers are, they all managed to outstay the bugs and had a lovely walk and rest at Star Field for snacks and enjoyed the wonderful view, returning downhill to the barnyard and their cars. — Kay / Ted Kantorowski

Photos 1, 4 & 5 by Carol Saggese and Photos 2, 3 & 6 by Currie Marr: 1) Edge of Barn, 2) Hiking Group, 3) Fernleigh Farm Trail, 4) Trout-Lily, Erythronium americanum, 5) Tree Bark, and 6) Otsego Lake and Cooperstown as seen from Star Field.

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