Hike from Goodyear Lake to Colliers Dam – May 27, 2008

Nineteen hikers met at our home on Cliffside, Goodyear Lake to walk to the State Fishing Access site along the south end of the lake and on to the Colliers dam. Even though showers were predicted and some clouds looked threatening, it turned out to be a very pleasant morning. As we walked along the railroad tracks, Scott Fielder “rescued” a turtle that seemed unable to get up over the rail. How he scurried off when set down on the other side of the rail. When we got to the lake shore, we were greeted by a catbird overhead who entertained us with a variety of songs. At another location, Irv Peters found some zebra mussels in the water. Reaching the area near the dam, we walked along the path used by the Canoe Regatta participants as they portage around the dam and spent a few minutes there looking over the area at the base of the dam. We returned to my house to eat lunch in my backyard and then enjoyed some ice cream for dessert.

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