Hike to Table Rock – July 8, 2008

About 26 hikers left the top of Morgan Avenue and headed up to Hartwick’s Strawberry athletic field. From there they ventured into the forest between the field and the Job Corps. Currie Marr again helped us all to recognize the various fungi we encountered in the woods, and we all were interested in the various frogs, toads, and snakes we encountered. Upon exiting the forest, the group headed towards Table Rock, but the day was hot and some hikers felt that they had to get back to the starting point. They decided to take a “shorter trail” through the woods, but got confused by the myriad trails in the woods and ended taking a longer route and getting back after the group that visited Table Rock. But, all was well when all were back together to enjoy fruits, drinks, and ice cream, along with the beauty of Carol McIntosh’s garden. Photographs taken by Doug Fielder: 1) Snack Break, 2) View of SUNY Oneonta, 3) Approaching Strawberry Field, 4) Red Mushroom, Russula sp., 5) Wood Toad, Rana sylvatica, 6) May Apple Podophyllum peltatum, 7) Table Rock Area, (8) View from Table Rock, (9) Elm Park Methodist Church from Table Rock, (10) Carol’s Garden, (11) Carol’s Garden, (12) Bee Balm, Monarda didyma in Carol’s Garden.

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