Clip-Clop, Waggle Walk in Bear Swamp

The outing Tuesday, July 22, is a Clip-Clop, Waggle Walk in Bear Swamp State Forest in the Towns of Roseboom and Decatur in Otsego Co. This ski trail, newly opened after a period of harvest, requires marking, clearing and a short stretch of new trail. The area can be accessed from the north on the Buttermilk Hill road which departs from County Rt. 165 a mile or so east of the hamlet of South Valley; or from the south on the Formen Road via County Rt. 38. ( A county map is probably essential here). The trailhead is about 1/3 mile east of the Forman road on a good gravel truck trail marked by the State Forest sign. I will lead a group to the site from the Price Chopper parking lot in Emmons. This group will assemble at Price Chopper at 9AM. Bring a lunch, drink, bug dope and your small hand tools for brush and blowdown. People going directly to the trailhead should shoot for about 9:45 AM.

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