Schenevus South Hill Hike — August 19, 2008

After an ominous start to the morning because of rain showers, 15 brave souls set out from the Fielders’ home in Chaseville, driving to the end of Taite Road on Schenevus South Hill. The hike was on private land and began by passing a network of ponds with interesting statuary keeping watch. Progress was slow for awhile due to an abundance of blueberries which delayed hikers, some of whom were equipped with plastic bags for collecting. Currie Marr was frequently called on for his expertise as a mycologist because there was also an abundance of fungi and a great variety as well. The hike continued through deep woods, more open areas, meadows and across a bridge over a small stream with waterfalls. After passing old farm buildings the group emerged in an open area with a beautiful overlook of the Schenevus Creek and Elk Creek valleys. After admiring the view the hikers passed a new house being built and returned to their cars. Lunch was eaten in the sunshine on the Fielders’ deck and topped off by ice cream and picking plums from one of their plum trees. It was a lovely hike providing a variety of experiences and habitats.  Photographs: 1) Pond Ornament, 2) Bridge, 3) Pond & Wetland, 4) Gerda Gyori Picking Blueberries, 5) What’s this? Outhouse or Lookout 6) Waterfall, 7) Pasture thistle, Cirsium pumilum, 8) Spindle-shaped Yellow Coral, Clavulinopsis fusiformis, 9) Common Mullein, Verbascum thapsus, 10) View of the Valley from South Hill, 11) Fielder’s House Seen from South Hill, 12) the LOM-A-ROSA Barn.

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