Clark’s Tower Hike – Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The October 7 hike was led by Kay and Ted Kantorowski. 36 hikers met at the Clark Sports Center to consolidate riders/cars. The sun was bright, the sky blue, and the frost meant that everyone had on an extra layer. But once we got on the path at Clark Tower and began walking, everyone warmed up, and the walk proceeded south from the entrance gate, along an ATV/snowmobile path, up around the cornfield and back to the Clark Tower. We had lunch /snack at the field overlooking Otsego Lake and Bassett Hospital and were “entertained” all along the way by a helicopter coming in and landing, and going out again at the Hospital landing pad near Clark Sports Center.! The total walk was about 3 miles, and the weather couldn’t have cooperated more! A beautiful morning to be outdoors! Photographs are: 1) Leader Pointing the Way, 2) Discussion of Field Corn, 3) Water Tower, 4) Otsego Lake in the Distance, 5) Leaf Color, 6) Pet Grave Base of Tower, 7) Clark’s Tower, 8) Tower Entrance, and 9) Tower Window. Photographs by Currie Marr.

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