College Camp Hike – November 4, 2008

Despite being Election Day, 12 cars and 20 people turned out to hike the Red Trail at SUNY Oneonta’s College Camp. Also known as the fitness trail, at one time the trail signs along the way directed users to perform various exercises. The day was warm enough that most participants shed their jackets upon climbing the steep hill at the beginning of the walk. We encountered a misshapen tree that reminded some of a dinosaur or others of a tortoise. Finally lunches were enjoyed outdoors on the deck of the Lodge, or at a picnic table, or in the gazebo. Photographs 5, 6 and 9 were taken by Doug Fielder and the others by Scott Fielder and these include: 1) The First Hill, 2) Red Trail Marker, 3) Misty View, 4) Looking at the Map, 5) Nina and her Friend, Martha, 6) Marching Along, 7) Exercise Directions, 8) Barbara Meeks, and 9) the Dinosaur Tree.

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