Cooperstown Hike – Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Due to the absence of snow, plans for cross country skiing were changed to hiking on December 9th. Hikers met at the Clark’s Gymnasium in Cooperstown and from there 19 ADKers traversed trails with many highlights – stream, exercise stations, beaver dam, and mature forest. Afterwards Mary invited participants to her festive home to enjoy delicious soups and desserts by the fireplace. Photographs by Currie Marr include: 1) Clark’s Gymnasium, 2) Group Photo, 3) Stream, 4) Trail, 5) Exercise Station, 6) Return Walk, 7) Greenhouses, 8) Beaver Dam, 9) Group in Mary’s Home, 10) Mary Stirring Soup, 11) Admiring Decorations, and 12) The Hearth.

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