Farmer’s Museum Trail Hike February 24th, 2009

11 people gathered at the Farmer’s Museum on Tuesday, February 24, then proceeded to the trailhead for Moe Pond above the village of Cooperstown. The sun was bright, the sky blue and even though it was a bit chilly, the snow was perfect for our snowshoes! The trails above the Farmer’s Museum provide a lovely woods walk, with several openings that overlook Otsego Lake. We stopped at the leanto above the Museum parking lot, then took pictures at the Seneca Lodge House before returning our cars. Another 8 or so members decided to cross country ski on the Golf Course.
Carolyn Staley provided the following photographs: 1) Snack Time under Shelter, 2) View of Otsego Lake in the distance, and 3) the Seneca Lodge House.

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