Thayer Farm Hike – Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A stalwart group of ADK hikers met at the Thayer Farm property off Route 80 north of Cooperstown on Tuesday, March 31st. After walking up the driveway to the new Nature Center we set out on the yellow trail through a handsome pine forest high above Otsego Lake heading west and then north on the property. The trail was easy going for the first 3/4 mile then led us down a more challenging steep wooded area to a stream with three bridges and up again through another evergreen woods. From there we walked down the farm road by several lovely ponds then back to the nature center for lunch time at the picnic tables or inside the Nature Center. Bill Harman, Director of the SUCO Biological Field Station, came by to greet us. We, of course, were looking for signs of spring but other than most of the snow being gone it was still winter. The smell of the woods in the pine forest and the fast running stream were the closest we came to spring. Sorry, no spring wildflowers yet! The sun came out at noon and what a great feeling that was!! 

One of the questions asked by our group was, “How big is in this property?” When I inquired today I was told it is about 100 acres. The Thayer Farm is open to visitors with permission from the Biological Field Station. A signed permission form needs to be filed with the BFS office then a call to the office to get an OK to hike. Many school groups and others visit the facilities. There are certain individuals who have special use permission at certain times of the year. There are several interesting trails and a good map available. Those who hiked on Tuesday filled out a permission form which will be put on file at the BFS but still you must call 607-547- 8778 to receive an OK for hiking. I have a few maps left; if you want one, give me a call 607-432-3154, Norma Lee Havens. Photographs were taken by Scott and Doug Fielder and include: 1) Initial Hill, 2) Thayer Buildings, 3) Ernie Mahlke, 4) Instrument Tower, 5) Moss Lizard, 6) Wood Rotting Fungus (Stereum sp.), 7) Crossing the Meadow, 8) Ponds, and 9) Lunch.

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