Hawk Circle Hike – Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On Tuesday March 10th, 16 hikers traveled to Hawk Circle near Cherry Valley. We were led on a tour through the grounds by Rick Sierra who founded Hawk Circle about 12 years ago. This is a nature center that teaches wilderness skills and living close to nature. He pointed out various kinds of trees and a shelter that the students had built from leaves and branches. After our walk we were treated to a delicious lunch of hot soup and homemade bread hot from the oven. All of this while sitting around a nice cozy wood fire where we all enjoyed more interesting conversation. This was a truely interesting and educational experience. We hope to go back again in the summer or fall for those who missed it. For more info on Hawk Circle go to www.hawkcircle.com. Photographs by Currie include: 1) Mary Lou and Gladys, 2) Wood white rot fungus, 3) Up the trail, 4) Totem, 5) Large Hop Hornbeam tree, 6) Teepee, 7) Shelter, 8) Down Hill, 9) Around Camp, 10) Split Gill Fungus, 11) Bunks, and 12) Containers.

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