Goodyear Lake Hike — Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WOW!!! Was it because of the beautiful summer day or was it the lure of “ice cream provided”? Whatever the reason, a remarkable number of hikers (37) gathered to walk at Goodyear Lake. Included in our group were the visiting grandchildren of two of our hikers – Chelsea from California and 6-year old Dennis from Maryland. Six people did a 1-hour walk on the lake roads. The rest of us hiked along the railroad tracks and then through a wooded area (some privately owned and some State land) over to the Collier’s Dam. Many enjoyed being near the base of the dam looking for fossils and anything else of interest. Due to the abundance of recent rain, there was a great amount of roaring water flowing over the dam. It was very impressive.. We returned to our backyard to enjoy a leisure lunch including, of course, a dish of ice cream. Everybody seemed to enjoy the outing. — Linda Pearce

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