Leatherstocking Golf Course Ski & Snowshoe – Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twenty-four people gathered at the Farmer’s Museum on January 5. Eleven opted to cross country ski, the others went snowshoeing . We did the perimeter of the Leatherstocking Golf Course, and on the “lake side” several skiers were very daring (Lucille, Monica, Steven among others) and climbed up the hill to “tour” down. Nuala and Norma Lee continued around the lake side with Ted, then Kay caught up to them. Everyone slowly made their way back to the parking lot, where discussion was offered about the restricted parking at Mary Dunkle’s home. So several parked at the Otesaga Hotel and walked up Westridge. No one wanted to miss the hot soup and sweets that were waiting for us!!!!! Counting noses at the house, it was decided that everyone that had started out, did indeed return! It turned out to be a lovely day for an outing, with at least 6″ of new, fluffy snow.

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