Basswood Pond Ski & Snowshoe – Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We had typical Winter weather on Tuesday which means that a lot of consideration went into whether or not to proceed with the outing. We did, and sixteen hearty souls, plus one Professional Photographer, showed up. A light snow fell throughout the ski/snowshoe, which made the woods road at Basswood Pond State Forest feel like a magical place. Anita Briggs, a Freelance Photographer, walked along, in and around us, taking photographs. She says to look for them in the Daily Star on Saturday. Some of us had trouble getting our cars out of the parking area at the end. Luckily Steve Bonnell and Linda Melchionne were there with their trusty Jeep. Thanks for the help Steve and Linda. Photographs are by Carolyn Staley. Anita Briggs is in the second photograph.

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