Texas School House State Forest – Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This state forest is a 1200-acre parcel located in the town of New Lisbon about 6 miles north of Gilbert Lake State Park. The area is being logged now. At least one hardwood section we walked through had been thinned. Our hike on February 2 was, I believe, our 5th annual winter hike in Texas School House. We’ve seen temperatures in the single digits and deep snow. Today was mild, with about 2.5 inches of powdery snow. Locomotion was eclectic. Three hikers skied, three snowshoed, eleven wore boots and crampons, and one was barefoot. The hardwood stands were virtually empty of tracks save a couple of foxes, but action picked up in the softwood on the ridge with deer, squirrels and a mouse. Back in the car we saw two hawks – one, I think, a northern harrier, and the other a red-tail. Several people, new to the area, vowed to return in the summer. Photographs by Currie Marr.

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