Winter Wonderland at Gilbert Lake State Park—Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We had near perfect winter conditions for our ADK activity at Gilbert Lake Park 2/16. A variety of choices lay before us. Some brought snowshoes, some cross country skis; others brought everything including hiking boots and walking poles. Snow shoeing and cross county were the popular choices. A real snowstorm had been promised by the weather report, some folks who had planned to come canceled because at home the snow was coming down hard. You can never really tell about the Gilbert Lake area. I It did snow but it was manageable and no trouble on the roads from Oneonta area. Three groups started out and by the end of the morning we found that more Gilbert Lake trails had been explored in one morning then we could remember happening before. A group of snowshoers went up the west side of the lake then into the Ice Pond/Twin Fawns Trail. They took the Wilderness Trail and finished off by going back through the cabin area, back to the Lake and to parking lot. The cross county skiers started out on the east side of the lake, up to the large shelter and along the CCC Road. They split there with one group doing the whole Ice pond/ Twin Fawns and back to parking lot. Another small group did the Red Pine Trail and back to the lake and parking lot. Still others did the option routes to Spring Pond, Twin Fawns and Ice Pond then back. It seemed all participants had a fun, challenging time. Gilbert Lake State Park is a fine place to go with many options for healthy activities year around. Try it out. Photos include a snowshoeing group, the Wilderness Trail followed, and ADKers back at the cars.

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