Crumhorn Mt Walk to Ross Gas Well – Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our group of 18 met at the Crumhorn Mt. Boy Scout Camp and walked the dirt road a mile to the gate of the Ross gas well on Shutter Rd.; first well in Otsego Co. Here we were met by Richard Nayh, the geologist for Gastem USA based in Montreal, Canada. We proceeded the 1/4 mi to the well where he talked to us, answering our questions, for an hour and a half. After enjoying a return walk to our cars, six of us enjoyed a lunch at Jackie’s Restaurant in Milford. Photographs include: 1) Statue at Boy Scout Camp, 2) Signing-in, 3) Road Hike, 4) Richard Nayh talking to group, 5) Water Holding Pond, 6) Seated Students, 7) Gas Well Operation Site, 8) Gas Pipe, and 9) Separator.

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