Hike to The Brookfield Horse Trails – Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our “Spring” walk became a “Winter” walk on Tuesday. The temperature was 36 degrees the entire time, with strong winds, snow showers and about 30 seconds of sun before each shower. We were fortunate to see many Spring flowers and ferns. They were, however, all cuddled up against the cold – just like us hikers. All 19 made the four mile walk without any trouble. We did walk a little fast in order to keep warm. After years of searching, we found the Woodland Pond. It was a lovely area with a picnic table, a lean-to and hitching posts for horses. There were geese nesting on the pond. Susquehanna ADK Hikers are really good sports. Photographs by Scott Fielder include: 1) Hillside, 2) Trail Break, 3) Woodland Pond, 4) Red Trillium, 5) Sharp-Lobed Hepatica, and 6) Gnarled Tree.

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