Canadarago Lake Water Event – Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The day dawned very nicely with some sun and a good south wind on Canadarago Lake. 25 Members plus 4 guests participated. All met at the outlet bridge on Rt. 22 Schuyler Lake. Some had the opportunity to chat on the bridge with three students working with the NYS Department of Fish and Wildlife who do monitoring of the Lake and its tributaries. All watched as eight Kayaks and one canoe put in at the outlet and enjoyed the pretty paddle to the mouth of the Lake. At that point one kayak returned and the remaining eight hardy souls “went the distance” to the Peters’ home paddling another 1 ½ hours to take out. The south winds were mild and favorable to the paddlers.
The remaining participants drove to the Peters’ home and took a very pleasant hike of about an hour walking on a private road and on to Moyer Road in the Town of Richfield, along the Lake and Oconquis Creek, one of the feeder streams that enter Canadarago Lake. Flowers that were observed on the nice cool walk were Moneywort, Canada Lily, Canada Anemone and Cow Parsnip.
All gathered shortly after noon. One enjoyed swimming, some toured the Peters’ home and all enjoyed their lunch on the shore overlooking the Lake with yummy (so they said) deserts and beverage provided by the hostess. Scheduling a lake water event has it’s hazards weatherwise, but good ADK luck prevailed.
A really lovely day ended and all got home shortly before the heavens opened up to a heavy rain storm.  Report submitted by Irvin and Monica Peters and photographs by Scott & Doug Fielder. Wildflowers in the second row are: Canada Anemone (White), Canada Lily (Orange) and Moneywort (Yellow).

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