Garrattsville Hike – Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Twelve intrepid hikers defied 90 degree temperatures to tramp over diverse terrain @ Garrattsvile, just off route 16. Keith Bott, virtual leader, son-in-law of the ADK leader, started us off at a small pond, and guided us over a mowed path beside a bog which fed the pond. We passed through a fallen tree area, an old apple orchard, and a conifer area. Leaving the clearing, the trail led through a woodsy section of hard woods, old stone walls, and across a small creek ( also part of the water shed). Then up a gentle hill we climbed, through an area of milkweed and circumvented an expanse of blackberry briars to the edge of the property,, which encompasses approximately 60 acres. In spite of the heat, Mr. Bott led us out in the open again, to the neighbors lot at a spot where we could overlook the surrounding farms. At just about this time, Mr B’s cell phone rang, alerting him to an emergency, causing him to leave. We all opted to return to the trail head through the meadow instead of continuing to the north end of the property in order to save time and beat the heat. Once there, the hikers climbed into the sanctity of their air-conditioned cars instead of lunching at the pond. However, we did find time to munch on brownies which our leader had baked (The icing had hardly melted). Many thanks to Keith Bott for his generous time, for preparation of the trail and for his informative discourse on the various aspects of the terrain.  Respectfully, Connie Reed

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