Mt. Otsego Hike – Tuesday, July 13, 2010

There were 22 of us who gathered to hike at Mt. Otsego in Pierstown on a beautiful Tuesday morning. This was made possible by The Otsego Land Trust and land owner Susan Birdsall. Preceding the hike we were given a brief history of the ski slope by Barbara Mulhern whose father was instrumental in its beginning back in 1938. We were led on our hike up the ski slope and through a beautiful wooded area by Connie Tedesco and Peter Hujik from the Land Trust. On our return we stopped at Susan’s meditation hut for lunch and were pleasantly surprised that Susan had left us slices of cold watermelon, homemade goat cheese and fresh cherries which were greatly appreciated by all. It was an interesting and educational hike and we hope to do more of these. Photographs include: 1) Peter Hujik (Tallest), 2) Susan Birdsall, 3) Barbara Mulhern, 4) Ascending the Ski Slope, 5) Ancient Sugar Maple, 6) Lone Pine Trail, 7) Valerian, 8) Elecampane, 9) Sun-oriented Hayscented Fern, 10) Ski Lodge in distance, 11) Ski Tow, and 12) Meditation hut.  Report by Bev Hensle

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