Hartwick State Forest Hike – Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twenty-five hikers met at the Biological Field Station barn on Zachow Road in the Town of Burlington for a relatively short but lovely hike on a new trail on Greenwoods Conservancy lands led by Irv Peters. The hikers started to the east of the 2,500 acre Conservancy property passing many ponds and vernal pools and met Monica Peters at the intersection of Zachow Road for a gorp snack; then proceeded onto the red trail and on to the shelter – with a brief side trip to view Cranberry Bog and a return to the parking area where most consumed their lunches- about 2-2 ½ miles. It was really warm and all agreed that was far enough for the day. On our return Dr. Earle Peterson (the grantor of the Trust lands) met us and shared a good story about transient beavers that all who heard it enjoyed. The group welcomed prospective newcomer Nancy Brown, from Richfield Springs. Also hiking with the group was Lisa Miller who talked to several members to gain information for an article she will be writing for Upstate Life Magazine which is published by the Daily Star and can be seen on the Star’s website. Lisa indicated she really enjoyed the hike and got a lot of good input about the Club and our activities and also about the Adirondack Alpiners hiking club that Monica and Irv Peters are members of. It was a lovely day enjoyed by all.  Report by Monica Peters Photographs by Currie Marr

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