Phoenix Mills Hike – Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On a perfect last day of Summer ADK was invited to hike on recently acquired Land Trust property along the Susquehanna in Phoenix Mills and the place where Oaks Creek flows into the river. 24 of us were there to hear about geology, biology , Native Americans and more recent residents from Connie Tedesco, Joe Homburger and Marcy Foster representing the trust. While we took a lunch break near the old Phoenix Mills bridge local resident, Ron Jennings, filled us in on early industries and local lore. We continued up the railroad tracks to a small lake which was once part of the river but was cut off when the track bed cut off this oxbow bend. Thanks to the owners for allowing us to trek through and learn so much about the area. Photos include: 1) Ron Jennings, historian, 2) ADK Group, 3) Joe Homburger, 4) Pokeweed, 5) Giant Willow Tree, 6) Wild Cucumber, 7) Bridge, 8) Bridge Sign – 1895, 9) Oxbow Pond.  Report by Mary Dunkle

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