Fernleigh Farm to Star Field Hike – Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nineteen ADK members met at the Clark Sports Center and proceeded to Fernleigh Farm. It was cloudy, but about 55 degrees so perfect hiking weather. We walked north on the wood road to VanYehres Road and up to the gate for the trail that climbs to Star Field. There was still some leaf color visible, and the view from the field, as usual, was outstanding. We then proceeded down through the field to the wood road and back to the farmyard. As we were descending, the noon whistle was blowing, so we knew that we had been right on schedule for our 2 hour walk. Photos include: 1) Leaf Color, 2) Trail, 3) Sulfur-Shelf Mushroom, 4) Waterfall, 5) Group, 6) Scotch Pine Bark, 7) Group on Star Field, 8) Star Field, 9) Cooperstown from Star Field. Report by Kay Kantorowski

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