Riddell to Pine Lake Hike – Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who would have thought it, 3-4 inches of heavy wet snow fell in the Oneonta area Monday afternoon and evening of the 8th of November, causing slippery roads and an early introduction to winter. Would anyone turn up for this four plus mile hike? Well, the Tuesday hikers are a hardy group- nine people were eager to get started. After a bit of car shuttling, we started up the Robert Riddell side of the mountain, following the trail markers and signs that had been placed there by Eagle Scout Nick Di Bartolomeo in August. We keep up a good pace, negotiating wet areas and lots of water running across and in the trail. The trail has two larger streams, but with a little scouting around and helping each other, both crossings were made without incident. We reached the sign to Mud Lake, noting, “It’s all downhill from here!” The entire hike took about 2 hours and 45 minutes. We arrived at the Pine Lake facility before one and ate our lunch. Everyone agreed it was actually a great day for a hike.  Report by Aleda Koehn

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