Leatherstocking Falls Hike – Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Report by Mary Dunkle — Tuesday, May 24, 35 ADKers joined leaders from Otsego Land Trust to enjoy two properties near Cooperstown. First we drove to area off Pierstown Road where a family member gave us some history of farmland surrounding Leatherstocking Falls. We then walked down a steep narrow path to view the falls which were especially beautiful due to the many recent spring rains. Peter Hujak and Connie Tedesco of the land trust were there to share information. We continued our walk down the creek bed through bountiful greenery. Returning to the top we were able to stand on a bridge and watch the water flowing down over the falls. A short drive took us to Brookwood Gardens, property which is gradually being transferred from the Cook Foundation to be part of the land trust. The 20 acres are prime property right on the western shore of Lake Otsego. C. R. Jones who has long been overseeing the place met us in the garden house and gave us background history. We walked out on the boat docks, through the gardens and to the main house. We were lucky to be able to wander through the house and understand a bit more of what its future might be. From there we had a great view of Kingfisher Tower on the lake’s eastern shore. After walking an old road, now a trail, we returned to the lake area to eat our lunches. We are grateful to owners of Leatherstocking Falls property and Otsego Land Trust for making the day possible. Photographs by Currie Marr. The first 6 photos are of Leatherstocking farm and falls and the last 6 photos are of Brookwood Gardens.

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