College Camp Hike – Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Report by Currie Marr Twenty-six ADKers began the hike on the yellow trail near the pond. Right off a little toad was spotted near a tree and blooming irises were observed in the pond. We passed by a shelter and tried not to disturb the occupant. Trails we followed led to a short road walk at which point we divided into two groups – the road walkers and hill climbers. The hill climbers followed the steep blue trail until it reached the red trail. After traveling an indeterminate distance on the mostly flat red trail, we backtracked having a second chance to talk with the fellow using the shelter. Our paths avoided the logging area and the lodge which was being used by the retired faculty. It was a great day for being outdoors, warm but breezy keeping the insects away. The pavilion by the pond was a pleasant place to sit down and have lunch.

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