Roxbury Mountain Hike – Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Report by Currie Marr For 18 lucky hikers, Fran Darrah arranged and led this fascinating trip to the top of Roxbury Mountain to visit the home and gardens of Dennis Gaboury. The hike began at the base of Roxbury Mountain Road. Along the way a Hop-hornbeam tree, loaded with hop-like fruits, was pointed out by Scott Fielder. When we reached the house Fran introduced us to our host (photo 3). Dennis led us through his gorgeous garden in full bloom with Sweet Williams and Fox Gloves and along a grassy path through the woods. Artistically placed in the garden and wooded area were Dennis’ sculptures. Some sculptures were striking rock compositions, some were elegantly carved stone art pieces and others were interesting metal artworks. Stopping along the main path, lunch was enjoyed near the sculpture, “Embrace.” Various side paths led to vantage points. One of particular note was the ski-slope view of Plattekill Mountain. Upon returning to the house, Dennis gave an inside tour. We were awed by his mementos from Africa and Asia and his creativity and humor. Most importantly, we learned of the “Zimkids Orphan Trust” founded by Dennis. As stated on the website “Zimkids provides a safety net for 160 of Zimbabwe’s neediest orphans and teaches them the skills necessary to build better futures for themselves and their community.” What a rewarding ADK day! – Thank you Fran and Dennis Gaboury for making this memorable trip possible. Photographs by Currie Marr

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