Gilbert Lake State Park Hike – Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Report by Norma Lee Havens – We had a beautiful day on Tuesday December 20th for our hike at Gilbert Lake State Park. Under a perfect blue sky and full sun and at frigid cold temperatures 27 loyal ADK members and new friends started out from the first parking lot. Our destination was the Twin Fawns trail and back. We walked by the Briggs shelter and over the walkway leading to the winter parking area (about .05 miles). Because of NY State budget restraints most of the roads at the park will be closed. Only the first parking lot will be open to the public. The bridge repair and flooding damage has been repaired. Our trail was somewhat icy with just a bit of snow cover. It was not suitable for cross country skiing. Some folks had ice grippers over their boots and everyone had a hiking pole. There was some activity at the cabin colony area which looked to be maintenance of one of the cabins. Once we got onto the Ice Pond Trail we got into full stride with small groups of hikers chatting and enjoying the thrill of being outdoors on a perfect winter day. At the intersection by Ice Pond we went left to Lake of the Twin Fawns. Everyone ate some holiday gorp and took photos. The sunlight at Twin Pond was shimmering on a skim of ice. It was quite special. After our rest we completed the mile back to through the cabin colony back to the parking lot. We had had a very good work out and agreed that the trip had been 4 miles from the parking lot and back for the Twin Fawns group. Three hikers made the loop around the Lake. As far I know no wildlife was reported except a Canada Goose was seen by any of us. The goose found itself on a frozen Gilbert Lake and was sliding around on the ice trying to get away from all these people. Happy Holiday to all. Photographs by Currie Marr

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