Herrick Hill Crest Hike – Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Report by Rita Salo – The Tuesday Group of Susquehanna ADK hikers were invited to walk on the property of Elaine Nahman and Tom Tighe, located at the very, very top of Herrick Hill Road in Oneonta. A local Snowmobile Club had recently made a new trail through the property. There were also many other unmarked trails that were made by Elaine and Tom.
We started on the Snowmobile Trail, taking side trips here and there on some of the unmarked ones. There were twelve of us to start. During one side trip to look more closely at a large green pile (Maureen guessed it to be a burial mound), a woman appeared coming through the woods. I worried that we might have wandered onto someone else’s property. But it turned out to be Karen McShane, who had followed our tracks in and out of side trips, and finally found us. We give her the Good Girl Scout Award for her tracking skills.
A lovely light snow was falling throughout the walk. It was beautiful to be walking in these new found woods on a comfortable Winter day.

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