Ridge Trails Back of Hartwick College – Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Report by Aleda Koehn – Fifteen Susquehanna hikers met at the Hartwick parking lot by Binder to explore some of the trails on the ridge that extends northward from Hartwick. We did not go to Table Rocks this time, instead walked past the observatory and along the dirt road that leads to Strawberry Fields. On a day that was supposed to be rainy, we had great weather, cool and sunny, a bit breezy as we crossed the field. We passed by the city water tanks and through the woods to where the power line descends to West Street. Following a well marked snowmobile trail we enjoyed the lovely wooded area before turning back. (We did not go as far as Blend Hill Road this time.) We returned a slightly different route, passing by the State office building above Job Core and the NYS “emergency hideaway”, (maybe). We continued through the woods and back up to Strawberry Fields and back to our starting point. The hike was almost three hours.

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