Gilbert Lake State Park Hike – Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Report by Rita Salo We have been spoiled for a while with lovely weather on Tuesdays. The streak was broken with today’s hike. It was cold and windy. We had rain, snow, hail and a wet trail. The sun even peeked out now and then, but it didn’t stay for long. Our group of thirteen brave souls did three and one half miles in this changing weather. The Wildflowers were all curled up, trying to keep warm. From the first Parking Lot, we walked along the side of the lake, then uphill to the Twin Fawns Trail. We met some people from the NYS Soil and Water Program who were setting up for an ecological competition among eleven High Schools for the next day. They explained to us how the competition ended with the final winners receiving up to $10,000 toward college tuition. This very enthusiastic guy told us he had once worked for ADK at our Heart Lake facility. Part way into the trail we turned onto The Wilderness Trail, which cut through the woods up to the road again. The trail was wet in many spots, but we managed. The good nature of our Susquehanna Chapter Hikers never ceases to impress me. What fun!

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