Green Trail Hike at College Camp – Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Report by Currie Marr – Once assembled at College Camp, 21 ADKers learned the sad news of Bill Swain’s passing. We will miss him greatly and his inspiring zest for life. The initial heat and humidity of the parking lot dissipated as we moved to the forested trails. Hiking the four green trail segments was the focus of the excursion. A lovely cool brook was crossed in the first hilly segment. An expansive view of West Street road extension was seen in the second segment (middle photo). We traversed a Red Pine forest in the third loop, and as gracefully as possible descended the steep fourth segment. At various times we crossed ski slopes, a gas pipe line, and paid attention to wildflowers, felled Ash trees, birds, and one deer. Although leaving us somewhat tired and sweaty, this hilly 2 miles hike also energized us. Several participants elected to eat lunch in the pavilion by the pond. Middle photograph by Scott Fielder and the other two by Doug Fielder.

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