Emmons Bog Hike – Tuesday, June 3, 2012

Report by Claire Beetlestone – Eighteen hikers started out early on a pleasant summer’s day for an easy walk around Emmons Bog. Joe Richardson came with us to give us an overview of the ecology of fens and bogs and an introduction to surrounding flora. We were disappointed not to have found Sundews and Pitcher Plants, but we did see an orchid in bloom. Joe and Currie explained the mycorrhizal relationship between the pines and the mushrooms and the beautiful Indian pipe, favored by bumble bees that pollinate it. That boardwalk near the entrance, built by a young Alec Vogler, is submerged now. We wended our way down to the waterside to seek the flora, observe floating mats, and view across the bog from varying vantage points.
• Sedges grew in profusion near the edge.
• We heard frogs and birds all along the way.
• The waterfall from the outlet is dry this season.
• We never discovered what animals winter in the rock shelters along the bank.
• We need to revisit in spring.
• We walked out through a good meadow
We were alarmed that recently placed Notices that Pipe Lines are projected for removal of Fracking Waste Water near the bog. Perhaps we could call The Nature Conservancy, 1-800-628-6860, to find out more. A few of us took brunch at the Audubon Sanctuary. While we sat relatively quietly, many birds were spotted, including a male Indigo Bunting! It was a good morning walk. —  Photographs by Currie Marr are: 1) Group, 2) Bog, 3) Beaver Dam, 4) Swamp Candles, 5) Swam Candle (enlarged), 6) Bur-Reed, 7) Arrowhead, 8) Swamp Rose, and 9) Dry Waterfall.

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