Mt. Utsayantha Hike in Stamford, NY – Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Report by Lucille Wiggin – About 20 of us parked half way up the Mt. where the dirt road ascends .9 of a mile to the fire tower and hiked up. We were passed by a couple of cell phone company trucks and a North American Van Line truck which was delivering supplies to the cell tower people. After enjoying the view and climbing the fire tower we settled down at picnic tables for the lunch time entertainment of watching three repairmen climb one of the four Cell/TV towers. We felt fortunate to be able to climb the 85 steps of the fire tower from which we could see with binoculars Hartwick College. How often have we pointed out Utsayantha from Hartwick? It was a Beautiful day and a Great Climb. Photographs by Currie Marr.

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