Fetterly Forest on Panther Mountain, Town of Otsego – Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Report by Mary Dunkle – A good number of us gathered in Fly Creek for a drive up the Fly Creek Valley, then onto Roses Hill Road for a few more miles north. Fettterly Forest has recently been turned over to Otsego Land Trust and therefore will be open for all hikers. We were happy to have Connie Tedesco from Land Trust to help us identify the various ferns. We were able to find 10 or more varieties. Also of interest was the vernal pond site, dry now, of course. Near the end of our trek we ate lunch overlooking Canadarago Lake and the little island that has also become part of Land Trust. The day was perfect with sunny weather and colorful leaves. Thanks to Connie and also Marcie Foster who helped set up the day. Photographs below were taken by Scott and Doug Fielder and top tag photograph was taken by Currie Marr.

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