Snowshoeing in Gilbert Lake State Park – Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Report by Aleda Koehn – The temperature was 9 degrees Fahrenheit, there was some wind, but the sun shone brightly on a fresh layer of sparkling snow. Six intrepid snowshoers, Currie, Virginia, Claire, Pam, Jim, and Aleda, met at the Gilbert Lake parking lot, amazed that anyone at all came out on such a cold morning. After strapping on our snowshoes, adjusting the handwarmers in our mitts, we started up the hill by the lake, hooked on to the Red Pine Trail and went through field and woods toward the north end of the lake. We walked down to the little bridge. By this time the group was warmed up and enjoying the day, so we decided to take the longer route and follow the Deer Run Trail which winds its way around the eastern boundary of the park before coming to the large campground. Two photos were taken by Pam Lea in the open area below the hilltop pavilion. Back by the cars, Jim informed us we had snowshoed 3.3 miles in one hour and 40 minutes. We all were so glad to have been out on this gorgeous day.

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