Fortin Park Hike – Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Report by Currie Marr – On a balmy 46 degree, cloudy, winter day, 17 ADKers hiked the 2 mile perimeter of Fortin Park. What a weather contrast to the chilly 9 degree day of the Gilbert Lake hike led by Aleda Koehn the week before. The starting point for the Fortin hike was the little used hillside behind Mrs. Fortin’s house. Due to a lack of snow-base everyone walked, but snowshoeing or skiing a figure eight several times on this hill can provide an invigorating workout. After the hill, we crossed the road and walked along the Susquehanna River to the junction with Charlotte Creek where a group photograph was taken. Along Charlotte Creek a point of particular interest was a major reconstruction project to stop erosion. In July of 2012 an ever enlarging creek-bend was entirely filled in with dirt and planted with Bur Oak saplings. Bur Oak trees tolerate moist to dry, poor soils. At the end of the hike we enjoyed the gorp that was meant to be distributed at the mid-point.  Photographs are by Doug Fielder. One scenic shot is of the Susquehanna River and the other of the restoration project along Charlotte Creek.

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