Hike in Stamford – Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Report by Charlene and Jim Higgins On a beautiful sunny day in Stamford, N.Y., 18 hikers explored the 100 acre Higgins farmstead. We started at the top of the property known as “the flats” and made our way through the woods and fields to a location where we enjoyed the magnificent views of the mountains and valley. We saw and heard many song birds along the way which made the hike all the more enjoyable. When we reached the family homestead, we were greeted by Jim’s father, Al Higgins, who was outside enjoying the beautiful day. He shared with us some information regarding the history of the property. On our way back up the hill, we discovered a large patch of wild leeks. Several members tasted the leaves and pronounced them a wonderful discovery. Upon reaching the end of the hike, we enjoyed a picnic lunch back at “the flats”.

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