Pine Lake & Mud Lake Hikes – Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Report by Aleda Koehn on the Mud Lake Hike – Twenty-two hikers participated in the Pine Lake hike on May 28. Fourteen hiked around the Pine Lake property. Eight decided to make the trek to Mud lake. After two steep pitches, and a downhill, the trail grade is moderate and the walking is easy. We were soon looking at plants, trees, flowers, fungi, and listening for birds. We were on a leisurely nature walk. With many sharp eyes we spotted a variety of late spring/early summer woodland flowers. The brook crossing was more challenging due to the recent rains, but all made it safely across both ways. We spent a good amount of time at walking on the sphagnum mat of the bog. Bog Laurel, Leather Leaf, and high bush blueberry were all in bloom. Many photos were taken of the insectivorous pitcher plants, many with a flower bud on a stalk above the plant ready to bloom in early summer. Close observation of the sphagnum mat revealed the very small sundew, another insectivorous plant. We were delighted to have seen so many flowers and decided to make a list with photos for the newsletter.
Report by Ruth Schaeffer on the Pine Lake Hike – There were approximately 14 hikers who walked around Pine Lake. We saw the lake and a nearby creek and some wild flowers. We saw the eagle’s nest, but no eagle. When we got back I asked if I could show the hikers the cobb house and the student on the desk asked if we wanted to go inside both the cobb house and the straw house? We all agreed that would be very interesting! We went into the straw house first, which he explained that it was kept mostly for visiting professsors or guests. It was built by students and done in a monistary style. There were two books with pictures showing how the students built it. Next the student took them to the cobb house. Both houses were very interesting and we would give the students’ work an A+. It was very thoughtful of the student to suggest the tours and the group enjoyed our “find” on the trail!! Wonderful hike.

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