Hike on Regan’s Property – Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Report by Peter Regan – 21 hikers found their way to Shacktown Mountain to walk on 3 trails on Peter Regan and Aviva Schneider’s farm outside of Morris, NY. We had a stupendous day with plenty of sunshine and a cool breeze. The poppies and rhododendrons were in full flower and the woodlands lush with spring growth. No bugs, minimal mud and great company made for nice walking and conversation. We got to see a just finished Baltimore oriole nest in the yard and the songbirds were out in force. We visited 2 ponds on the property full of newts and frogs eggs. After the walks the group enjoyed homemade blueberry muffins and rolls with honey and maple cream, washed down with coffee and tea. Not a bad way to spend a morning in early June.  The tag photo and photographs 1 and 2 are by Doug Fielder. Photographs 3-6 are by Scott Fielder.

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